Meggan Sorensen

Meggan was born and raised in small town Michigan for 12 years before her family relocated to sunny San Diego. Her collegiate studies took her from San Luis Obispo to Long Beach, California. The latter would ultimately become her home, but the former is where her passion for wine was ignited. This passion took her around the world, with countless experiences and friendships made, as well as a new found inspiration to forge her own trail.

One afternoon in 2006, sitting at the table with close friends and family, inspired by entrepreneurial spirit and some Cabernet, ongoing questions like “what if?” and “could we?” were spoken for the last time and replaced with, “lets do this!” The plan was to produce one wine; a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley that would qualitatively rival the best wines we had enjoyed over the years and just as importantly, connect with people on an emotional level, sharing our story about the things that inspired us to dream big. Passion, independence, creativity, fun. That was the day TOYBOX was born. The years to come would be a bumpy ride with unexpected twists and turns, risk and reward. It is a labor of love, and the journey continues…