Our formula for greatness is balance and all decisions are made with this concept in mind. Working closely with the vineyard’s viticulture team deciding when to pick is critical to ensuring optimal berry development and retention of natural acidity in the wines.
Hand harvesting and processing at the winery allow only the best fruit is crushed, and choices regarding oak barrel aging are all part of the formula. Working with such small quantities is a high risk, high reward endeavor in that there is no greater way to showcase the terroir of the vineyard.

Single Vineyard Concept

We have incredible regard for the sense of place that can be understood through producing single vineyard wines. Vintage conditions will invariably change with the passing of each year but the personality of the vineyard remains constant. As we get to know the Cadden Family Vineyard better over the years, we will strive to exploit the vineyards personality through our wines, using precision viticulture and cellar work.